Oh how I love that warm, slick soap all over my body while I am having a hot shower with a hot friend. Yes, it is true I just cannot get under that spray of water unless I have someone horny by my side.

Living in this new condominium has certainly solved a lot of problems for me. There are plenty of dudes around who love to get it on in the shower in the same way as myself. Digging around with a couple of eager fingers can be lots of fun too. There is no telling what you will find under all that whipped cream.

Getting banged in the shower all started by accident at a cabin up in the mountains. Actually it was more than a cabin since it has two levels and lots of space to fuck and suck with a playmate of your choice.

I had been invited, with about six others, to Debbie’s hideaway in Lakeworth. There was no doubt that there was going to be an orgy before the weekend was over so I made the necessary preparations. There was plenty of my special lubrication in my bag and also I brought along that bikini that barely covered my tits and twat. There was no place to go swimming but that didn’t make any difference, I was still going to show off my classy ass and see what happened when I landed on my stomach.

Sure enough we got going a little past midnight. I ended up with a super guy that had a piece of meat that would choke a girl if she tried to take that entire length down her throat.

Just when I thought I was going to get my moist cunt hole split wide open by his mammoth hunk of a cock he gives me a big wink.

“Let’s take a shower, baby,” he murmured.

That was a hell of a thing to say right when I was breathing so hard I thought my tits were going to pop off.

But what can a girl do when a big, brawny guy has his hands on her shoulder and is leading her towards the bathroom? I sure wasn’t in any mood for a shower, I felt I was clean enough. Besides that wild itch between my thighs was growing by the second and some thing had to be done quick or my poor pussy was going up in flames and all I would have left would be a little pile of horny ashes!

Finally we stumbled into the bathroom. On the way I made sure that I grabbed that big dong of his one more time. I wanted to make sure that all this fooling around was worth it.

The moment my fingers tightened around that powerful prick I was gone on the spot. He could have asked me to fly up Jupiter backwards and my pretty little ass would have been skyward in a second.

“I’ll get the water warm and you got your self all lathered up,” he murmured.

I had to look in his eyes at that second to see if he was putting me on. He sure looked serious enough but I still couldn’t believe all this was happening. Right away he started undressing and I liked what I saw so I kept my big mouth shut. There was no sense in spoiling any of the fun that was about to happen, even though we would be soaking wet doing it.

Before I had a chance to get into the nude he was undressing me like an expert. Obviously plenty of women in the past had experienced his versatile hands on their body. The way he squeezed my nipples and made them stiff in an instant also demonstrated his sexual prowess.

To make sure that I wasn’t stepping into an ice-cold shower—something I absolutely abhor—I stuck my hand under the water. It was the right temperature for a quick shower but I still wasn’t too enthusiastic about getting wet. My pussy wanted to explode with streams of hot orgiastic juice and the only way that could happen would be from some deep, thorough fucking. Maybe I could explain this to the dude by my side, I thought, as we both stepped into the shower.

“Where’s the soap, dummy!” he snapped

The way his voice changed took me by surprise. All I could do was look at him with an open mouth. Maybe that gave him an idea because he forced me down to my knees, getting my hair all wet, and placing me right in front of that quivering rod between his mighty legs. There was nothing I could do but close my lips over the bloated head and start sucking. The salty taste of his prick bit into the membrane of my mouth and I felt like coughing. Then when his hands jammed against the back of my head it was impossible to move. I was caught in the shower with all that meat down my throat.

With my eyes closed to keep out the streaming water I gulped down his masculine meat and began to fondle his balls. They were so filled with pulsating sperm that I could actually feel them moving around inside. That was a thrill and it made me want to get that jackhammer cock stuffed into my tight hole.

“Now you can get a couple bars of soap,”

he exclaimed as he bent down towards me. That was a mad request because I wasn’t going anywhere down my knees. But then that abrupt position was changed in a flash. His hands reached down and cupped me, lifting me up with one majestic that my pussy was going to be filled with all that mighty meat down below. But I was mistaken. He was really serious about getting that soap. And he didn’t like to be kept waiting.

Since I had never visited this cabin before I had no idea where anything was kept. Soap could be under the garage for all I knew!

“Follow the red dots,” said my friend in the shower. (I still didn’t know his name and at this point it didn’t make too much difference.)

On the wall in front of me were a couple of red dots. That was a good started. Now if I kept alert I would be on my way to a couple of bars of soap and my mission would be completed.

Around the corner I found Nanci and Norton fucking like a couple of horny hornets. The way that Nanci’s cute ass was bouncing up and down on that thick rug reminded me of that time when I was in college and I would always end up with the entire football team after the last game of the season. My poor ass was so sore I had to sleep sidesaddle in bed and keep a pan of hot water nearby.

I could only watch Nanci getting banged for so long because I was becoming insanely jealous. I wanted to get my box reamed open in the same war. I wasn’t fair! Here I was running around in the house trying to find a couple bars of soap.

BUt at this point I didn’t have any choice. I was dripping wet and there was an unnamed dude waiting for me back in the bathroom. SO, reluctantly, I followed the red dots and came to the closest that was filled to the top with scented bars of soap. It looked as though the owner of the cabin was sure into doing a lot of showering.

Quickly I scampered back, almost tripping over Nanci who was now on her knees slurping away at that big dong which only a moment ago was thrust deep inside of her. Goes to show, you never know where you are going to end up when you go on a vacation up in the mountains.

Finally I made it back to the shower. There he was, twisting and turning in all directions, his mammoth meat sticking straight out and a big smile on his face. In a way I couldn’t blame him. If I had all that equipment between my legs—and I was male, of course—I would be ecstatic with joy knowing that I would soon be burying that pole in a wet cunt and plowing all the way up to a bouncing belly button.

“Here’s the soap,” I said weakly, not knowing what to expect. Would he be angry because I had taken so long? That was the chance I would have to take. Quickly he snatched them out of my hand. “Get in there,” he commanded. “You have a lot of work to do.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about, then he demonstrated what he meant. With wide sweeps he went down the length of my back to the tip of my ass with his hand and covered me with a thick layer of soap. Boy, that felt good and I wanted to do the same to him. He started turning around in all directions and before I knew it I was concentrating on his cock and balls. They became white with the churning soap in my hand. It was like looking down at an expanding ice cream pie. The illusion was so perfect that I had to get down there and taste it to make sure that I was not dreaming. Before I could slide down to my knees, however, he jammed that big white thing into my exposed pussy. Automatically my thighs spread wider apart to take all of that ramming piston. Fortunately there was a tile wall behind me that I could bounce up against or I would be flat on my ass at that point.

The creamy soap gave him all the lubratcation he needed. My cuntal lips instinctively closed around hi shaft, hoping to both milk him dry and rinse off all that soapy film that was constantly being injected into my sensitive vaginal channel. Never had I been fucked so intensely before. There was no doubt that the soap was doing a lot for the clean, deep sweeps that were taking place inside me.

With all that water splashing in my face all the time there was no way that I could get my balance. Also the soap had made the floor too slippery. Every time I tried to steady myself his cock drove deeper inside of me. All the air was being sucked out of my lungs from those powerful thrusts. There were times I was certain that I was floating ten feet off the floor.

“Soap up your ass,” he whispered in my ear.

His words came to me through the hiss of the water and I wasn’t sure that he was gthe one speaking or if I was only my imagination. Nevertheless, I did as he told me. That solid bar of soap between the soft cheeks of my buttocks sure felt good. I could imagine at that moment what it would be like to have his soapy tool rammed up to the hilt in my rear end.

And then there was a sudden rush of water as though the pressure had been increased from all sides. I didn’t know what was happening until I looked up and saw that he had turned to faucet all the way to the left and the stall was gradually being flooded. Did he want to drown me in the shower while he was flooding me with his hot cum?

All kinds of crazy thoughts went through my mind at that time. Every murder mystery I had ever seen flashed in front of me. I could see my poor pussy floating down some vile sewer pipe and it would never be seen again. But then just when I reached to the point of being irreversibly melancholy I pulled out of it. Keeping negative thoughts in my mind wasn’t the answer. I had to start sailing high again!

Because I had become momentarily disoriented I didn’t realize that my ass was wide open for his attack. He took advantage of my confusion and parted my creamy cheeks. With a thrust that would have lifted a rhinoceros right off the savanna he plunged directly into my tight anus. Although I had been half expecting such an entry I still gave a curdling scream that must have been heard all over the cabin. At that point it didn’t make any difference because my insides were churning in opposite directions and I had to let loose with a primal cry of rapture.

Once more a compound of soap and warm water loosened up my tight channel and made the rough insertion bearable I even found myself bending forward and slightly jogging form one side to the other. In this was I made sure that his prick was surging into every crevice and none of those little turns and deadends would be missed along the way.

When Nanci and her boyfriend suddenly appeared outside the shower and started pounding on the glass door I could not believe it. How dare she interfere with a fabulous fucking session like this. She was getting banged on the rug and that should be enough. But no, she wanted to try the soap and hot water routine because she could see that we were having so much fun. I was mad! But I was also being attacked in the rear with a juicy cock that knew how to do it all the way. How could I possibly pull my attention away from that?

But Nanci was going to get her way. She always did in the past and this sexy shower session wasn’t going to be any different. The dude was directly in my rear had no intention of giving up his space sand he and I were definitely together. But as Nanci continued to pound on the glass door we started falling apart. There was no way that we could keep up our concentration and we finally pulled apart.

I thought going into the bedroom to fuck would spoil everything. I had become so used to that soap massage along with his big cock that I didn’t I would ever be satisfied again. Thankfully I was in for a big surprise. His cock got even bigger now that we were out of the water. Maybe all that falling liquid had kept his prick from getting it’s full length. Who knows? Regardless of the reason I was happy to see that my cunt hole was going to be split even further apart.

After that incident in the shower I wanted to repeat it as many times as I could. This is probably the reason that I eventually became a raving shower freak. Even if I see a picture of a shower my pussy begins to twitch. That is what I call devotion!

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