The brunette came back. “I enjoyed it when a fellow plays with my buns.” I rose on the sofa, setting my empty glass aside. My hands were trembling as they darted for the bulging front of her blouse, clumsily as they filled with the lone button. I just managed to get the front of the blouse open, when the fabric parted like stage curtains about to reveal the greatest performer in the world and her twin giants rolled out. “SHIT! What a pair!” I knew my eyes were popping, and my lower jaw was hanging loose. Her breasts were a miracle. Perfectly round and smoothly white – tipped with strawberry nipples, they bounced and jiggled, swung and swayed, tantalizing me and making my hard-on twitch in the tight confinement between my leg and my jeans. “Touch them,” the woman murmured. “Make them feel good, Eric.”

Perched over her, he lowered his cock to her softly puckered lips.

I let my hand fall on one big bun, cupping it, hefting the whole globe of quivering flesh. It was heavy in my hand, solid, wonderful. I set one fingertip on the little nubbin of a teat, and as I soothed the nipple I saw it grow larger before my eyes.

My whole body was screaming with raw lust, as those magnificent knockers filled my field of view. I moved closer, heard the woman and I gazed into her face the fire on her ruby lips scorched my soul and I pressed my mouth to hers.

We kissed, as my hand fell from her breast and alighted on the flaring curve of her hip. I caressed all over it and around to the buttock, gripping that pear-shaped marvel and squeezing it through the fabric of her skirt. She began to spread her pussy and legs, bunching her skirt upwards. I helped it along, glancing down to see the dark welts of her stockings, then creamy white thigh-flesh crossed by the dark lacy band of a garter.

My cock fairly screamed for released now, as her skirt came all the way up to reveal the dark vee of her pubic hair. She has no panties on, though I caught a glimpse of purple satin, the lower edge of a waist cinching corselet. My bone was stretched to its utmost down my leg. My fingers were already pressing between the woman’s thighs, as she pulled her skirt up high and parted her legs further, my hand jerked upwards and caught her pussy mound fully in the palm.

Tits! Cunt! Ass!

The kid went wild!

“O-H-H-H, that’s the way,” she moaned. “Shag my cunt good Eric.” I rubbed her mound fiercely kissing her harder covering her mouth with my lips. She responded, her hot mouth grappling at mine, her tongue sliding avariciously into my mouth to tickle my tongue. I managed to get my middle finger up into the snug little slit of her pussy, finding it wet and hot and tight in there, I wiggled it, making her twitter as she kissed me.

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