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This horny bastard is really good. I’m greedy for sex, I’m shaking with desire. Now I’m going to give him a blow job so that his cock grows to it’s full length and hardness. Then I want him to slide his dick into my pussy. This guy is divine, he knows what pussies like. He grabs my arse and fucks me like a bitch: Yeah, that way he can penetrate me right into my womb – he’s simply great.

Now I want it all, too – no more acting – one orgasm after another. My pussy and arse are open wide. When is he going to get around to fucking my second hole? I could scream with lust – but I want to enjoy every minute. And his sperm too – not in my pussy, not in my arse, put it in my mouth. This will be a great career – I’m going to work on it ever day!

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